July 2017

Great July 4th weekend! I went to Cleveland for the U2 concert & a mini high school reunion.

This is where I grew up. 30210 Ednil Drive! 

When I came back Mike, Milo & I had some good hiking & hang out time. No fireworks yet. Milo thinks they are too loud! 

First Friday in Greensboro was spent at a new hangout place with food trucks. It was pretty fun! 

Milo liked the Jamaican food from one of the food trucks! He also enjoyed the tacos we made the other night. He doesn’t always want to try new foods but when he does, he usually likes them. 

Right now his go-to foods are peanut butter & jelly toast, fruit, especially watermelon, cheese toast and on the weekends he likes to make pancakes. 

He tells us all the time that he’s a big boy! And he really is! 

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