June 2017

Memorial Day Weekend we finally made it to Richmond to meet Baby London. It was s great visit! Milo did not want to go home. Mike’s parents were in town too. 

Milo also learned to skateboard! 

The following weekend we had work trucks on our street and Milo got to visit Station 48.

Plus cake with Nonno! 

Mike & I attended Wine Up, a fundraiser for OCH.

Nothing beats naked spaghetti! 

June 10-11

OCH had Family Day at Keeley Splashpark. Milo jumped right in & played hard for 2 hours straight with his friends. 

We came home for lunch & a nap before heading out to a porch-fest – music on people’s front porches! Perfect afternoon for outdoor fun! 

Finally, we celebrated our neighbor’s 50th birthday at one of our favorite places, Gibb’s Hundred. Milo was a trouper! He was exhausted at the end of the day. 


Father’s Day Weekend

We went to Topsail Island for a long weekend. Milo was fearless & loved the ocean! 

Dinner at the Regent. We watched a wedding and Milo discovered binoculars! 

Hanging at the beach

Best dinner yet was at Riverview Cafe. Mike had fried scallops and I had steamed clams & shrimp. We both had a delicious clam chowder. Milo enjoyed apple sauce and crackers. 

Ice cream!

Rain on our last day. 

Breakfast of champions; goldfish crackers, apples, peanut butter & jelly! 

June 20 – Milo climbed out of the bathtub on his own! 

He’s big on doing things for himself but still likes to be carried around. “Uppie” is something I hear often. He is into puzzles & can do them on his own, with a little help from mom & dad. Milo is really into trucks but fire trucks are a favorite. 

Milo’s best friends are Henry and Benjamin. Teague is one too. He loves daycare & Cantrell, his teacher. 

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