Spring Updates

Spring is in the air & so are the allergies. It’s been busy as usual. Our new dog is adjusting just fine! Milo asks, “Where’s my dog?” whenever he can’t see Corky. And he wants the dog in his room for stories at the end of the day. 

Milo is talking a lot more now. “Nilp” is milk. He’s good at repeating things until we get his point. He’s also learning that he can stay up later if he tells me he needs to go potty after he’s in bed! He’s figuring things out! 

Not a big fan of new foods right now. He refuses a lot of things – pretty much everything. He does like eggs and toast, yogurt, milk, cheese and fruit on most days. Hopefully he’ll come back around one day. 

Milo ripped his first pair of pants today! Guess it’s a milestone. 

Dinner at Gibbs Hundred with Jackson Vines and his family. Milo loves Jackson and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. 

Milo is by far the best little snuggler! 

Mike and I had a work date night. We attended NextNow for my work and stayed over in Winston while Aunt Heidi & Uncle Dave stayed with Milo. 

Milo had fun running around outside with Aunt Heidi (and no pants)!

April 1, 2017

Gorgeous spring day in Greensboro! Milo wanted to be outside & so did we! 

Lunch at Emma Key’s! 

Tree climbing! 

Good news! Milo is back on vegetables! Happy to eat broccoli, carrots with dip & even my egg white/veggie breakfast! He says it’s, ” yummy in my tummy!”

He is also repeating EVERYTHING we say! Cute & dangerous! He loves to dance and is generally happy unless you mess with his food! 

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