Halloween 2016

Milo has a love for Fireman Sam, the Welsh cartoon dubbed into American English. We thought he’d like to be a Fireman for Halloween but two outfits later, I gave in and just bought a long sleeved fireman shirt.

We attending a party at OCH, which as a bit overwhelming for both Mike and I. It resulted in no pictures because of our over stimulation!

Halloween landed on a Monday this year. Milo was not happy to be asked to go out again after a long day at school. We called him “the reluctant fireman”! Once we convinced him to come out with us we wander Beechwood and end up at Erienne and TJ’s house for hot dogs and then wandered back home.

The reluctant Fireman and his driver

 Elliot, Mable and Milo
Milo had just been sucking on that lollipop when he offered it to Mable and she accepted! Good thing all three of them share the same day care germs. Milo was very pleased to see his buddies out tonight.
 Admiring the Halloween lights at Daryl and Stacy’s house

Milo and friends learned about pumpkins at OCH. Milo later came home and wanted to cut into our pumpkins, which we did!

My attempt at being crafty! Made them for the OCH teachers and my staff. Thought about making them for all the OCH kids but realized you have to bring store bought stuff. 

It was a fun Halloween season. Milo seemed to enjoy watching all the costumes and lights. Mike was happy with all the candy and I was happy to be out on a walk! A great night for everyone!

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