Two Years Old

Happy birthday to our sweet Milo! 
What a great birthday you had! Nana and Baba came to visit and Uncle Dave, Aunt Heidi and Gabe and Fiona were all with us to celebrate the big day. We had pizza and cake at the house. You opened a few presents and stopped after you opened the jeep from Uncle Dave and Aunt Heidi. That was your favorite gift of all! 
We will celebrate you and Levi again in November with Aunt Amy, Uncle Casey, Levi and Liam and with Nonno and Vavo when we go to Richmond.

Milo has grown so much. He can speak in sentences although “no” is one of his favorites right now. He also says, “Stop, Mama.” He has noticed the light of the day shifting and comments when it’s “dark outside”. Milo loves to help out in the kitchen. Here he is helping Nana with breakfast. He’s an expert at making scrambled eggs and coffee. Lucky for Mike!

After the party was over and everyone had enjoyed a nap, Mike and I took Milo to a Trunk or Treat at a church nearby. He wasn’t sure about collecting the candy but he loved watching the food truck. He was really concerned about the smoke coming out of the top of the truck and kept saying, “fire!” Fireman Sam is still a favorite and it seems to be making an impression!

Here he is in his fireman shirt. He didn’t want to wear the jacket or hat or boots that we bought to go with the outfit.

 Catching bubbles – another favorite activity

We took a hay ride around the neighborhood. Someone took these family photos for us.

Eating dinner from the Porterhouse food truck. Milo approved!

Overall, great birthday to bring in year two! We love this child so much and are so excited to see what the next year brings! Happy birthday, Milo! xoxo

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