23 Months

It’s bitter sweet that I write this last entry based on the number of months Milo has been on this earth. At 23 months he has developed so many new skills. He is putting sentences together; “I made it”, “I help”, “I hear it (dog, airplane, truck)”. He likes to color, build with Legos, read books, be outside and play. He continues to be a happy kid. Milo loves having both Mike & me around, sometimes tuning between the two of us.

Milo likes to help cooking. He especially likes making eggs & often requests them for meals. He also likes strawberries, cheese and toast. 

Milo & I went to Richmond 9/24-25/2016 to visit Amy, Casey, Levi & Liam. Mike wasn’t feeling well & had a ton of homework so he stayed in Greensboro. 

Watching Liam make a touchdown!

Sunday all the kids piled into my car & we went to a pumpkin farm! 

Love this! Levi (5th grade), Milo (23 months) and Liam (2nd grade)

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