Milo’s language development has really taken off! He’s putting phrases together now! “I stuck”, “I do it”, “I hear it”, “big truck”, “big dog”, “hot” when playing with pots & pans! He LOVES trucks! Dogs are a close runner up. He identifies people he wants to call so we try to FaceTime his requests. 

Milo’s friendships are becoming more apparent. His buddy, Teague has been over a bit & they both seem to enjoy the time together. 

Milo had fall pictures done at school. We bought a small set for the family but here are the results & my home photos before school. 

Adorable! 💜

One last interesting phase for Milo is his interest in one glove. He often brings Mike or me a glove for the right hand only! Guess he doesn’t want to cover his left thumb!!

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