August 5, 6 & 7, 2016

We had a busy weekend with a visit from Diane, my college roommate & friend, a visit to Old Salem, lunch at an amazing Mexican restaurant, dinner with Hana & Dan & their kids made by Mike (delicious!). And surviving kid germs on Sunday. 
Mike, Milo & Di met me downtown for First Friday. Mike & Milo left after a short time & Di and I explored Greensboro. 

It started pouring rain just as Mike & Milo left. They had to duck into a doorway & wait it out.

Di and I checked out Joymongers…

And ate at Crafted, The Art of Street Food. Yummmm!

Saturday Di, Milo & I went to Old Salem while Mike went shopping for dinner.

It was hot so we didn’t last long. We went to get lunch at a little Mexican place where Milo tried his first horchata. He loved it but the sugar was over-load & the kid didn’t nap! 

Milo was over the moon when his friend, Teague and his family came over for dinner. They looked so big sitting at their own table. 

Sunday the kid germs got me. Diane left for home & Mike took Milo to the Science Center so I could test. 
Looks like they had fun!

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