Summer Vacation 2016

June 25-July 5, 2015

Road trip from Greensboro to Little Compton.
First stop- Ridgewood, NJ to visit Nicole, Ben and their kids; Jake (not home), Aidan, and Lucas. It took us 9 hours or so – the last hour was a real push for Milo- but so glad we did. We had a great visit and Milo loved meeting the kids. 

11 years since our last visit & it felt Ike no time had passed!

Milo & Lucas (5)

Milo & Aidan (7)

The next day we made a quick road stop lunch. Milo loves the big trucks and calls them all “choo choo”!

…then on to the Pez Museum & Factory! 

Onward to Rhode Island! Dinner stop at Evelyn’s! Yum!

Milo was happy to get to Nonno & Vavo’s house. He went straight for the toys on the porch! 

Monday morning started with a trip to the beach. 


Early one morning Milo and I walked to the Duck Pond and then to Simmon’s for breakfast. While we were there an older man asked Milo if he was Superman and Milo responded with a definitive, “Yeah!” Then the man said, “Thanks for keeping us safe!” It was really sweet!

Here we are at the beach early one windy morning. Mike taught Milo about kites. Milo loved it but kept letting the string go leaving Mike or me to run after it!

 On Wednesday Amy, Casey, Levi and Liam arrived and the fun really began! Milo and the boys built a fort in Nonno and Vavo’s living room and played in the slip and slide. Thursday morning I walked with all the boys to Simmon’s and the Duck Pond. Milo loved every minute with his cousins!

Morning walk to the duck pond
The goose family at the duck pond – 3 babies!
The boys showed Milo the joys of the slip and slide. He loved it!

And then the clothes came off!

 We went to Newport to meet up with Mike’s college roommate and his family. We had a little picnic in the park and explored the surrounding area. It was a beautiful day with great company!

Milo tried to photo bomb this picture…

…and Mike and Bob let him in!
Walking with Erin, Bob’s wife and their oldest son, Robert.

Thursday night we planned to have fire pit at the beach but it was too windy so the fire department wouldn’t let us have the fire. We went ahead with our little gathering anyway. Milo played with the kids. Here he is with Molly Costa, the daughter of Mike’s friend.

Mike and I were able to sneak away for a few hours on Friday morning for some peaceful stand-up paddle boarding. Perfect morning for it! And we had a date night at the Westport Winery!  

 Breakfast at the Barn is always a treat. Here the boys are watching for trucks with Milo while breakfast was being prepared.

Three generations of  Carlone men! Good looking bunch!

Sunday we visited the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. The museum was hosting a Todd Oldham exhibit I had wanted to see for some time. It was well worth the wait! We also loved the police cars! Defenders of the Arts!

Our last lunch in Rhode Island was from Evelyn’s. We love the RI Chowder!

We brought our lunch home to share. Tony and Milo shared their love of food and the secrets of life. 

Our last evening we went to Sakkonet Point to play by the ocean. The tide was coming in and it was really windy but we all had fun. Milo loved playing in the pools with rocks. Liam, Amy and Irene found lots of periwinkles for a snack later.

We had a gorgeous hotel room for a great price on our way back. Milo thought so too and was ready to party! He was up 2.5 hours after his bed time. 

Lunch at Blue Mountain Brewery on our way home. Surprisingly delicious. Milo loved watching the trucks go by. He has developed a love for trucks. He says “Oooo!” when he sees a truck out of the car window and he wants to look at the rigs at every stop. In this picture he’s watching trucks go by and telling us about it. Overall we had a great trip, easy drive up north and back south and a very relaxing week in between. We can’t wait to go back!

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