20 Months


At 20 months old Milo is very aware of his surroundings and talking a lot about things he sees. He has a lot of words, Dada, Mama, bye-bye, uh-oh, idonnknow (I don’t know), are clear but he also knows bird, ball, more, Milo, shoe, shut door, book, and more that aren’t so clear.

He has a clear preference for the books he wants read to him; Dora, Todd Parr’s I Love You, Good Night Rhode Island, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and Goodnight, Monster are among the current favorites.
He also enjoys making raspberry sounds, coloring, being outside and dancing. In fact, he’s started asking for music in the mornings & dancing before and after breakfast! 

Sadly we lost our little Rascal this  
month. Milo has asked for him. We told him the truth and he’s adjusted to our new normal without Rascal. I’m sure we won’t be long without another dog. 

He still loves his thumb!

Exploring a creek in Asheville

Time with Baba

And Nana

And GG

Maple syrup was a new treat.

Our last morning with Rascal.

Dance machine! 

Creating art

Body art!

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