19 months

Milo continues to grow and learn. He can say, “bye-bye” and “oh no” clearly! He waves at people, cars, dogs & tells them,  “bye bye!” He loves books and wants to read in bed every morning.

He also loves being outside. We went on a hike this weekend at the Eno River State Park. Milo loved watching the river move. He got really excited when he saw the turtles sunbathing & when a dog passed us on our hike. 

Milo & I went to Lindley Park’s Spring Fling this weekend. Mike stayed back & cooked for us. 

He also went to a birthday party of a classmate this month. He had a blast & didn’t want to leave. 

Mike & I even got a date night in this month! Brandi Carlisle & old Crow Medicine Show. Fun night out! 

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