18 Months

Hard to believe our little guy is a year and a half already! So many changes in such a short time. He has 12 teeth and his vocabulary is growing & becoming more easily understandable. He has even started putting words together like, “oh no”! He loves looking at books and being outside. He loves his daycare. Mike often finds Milo playing at the little kitchen set at OCH and some days he doesn’t want to leave.

Milo loves hugs – both giving & receiving. He really enjoys being helpful, especially when it comes to feeding Rascal. He prefers to hand feed Rascal and Rascal doesn’t seem to mind!
He likes to sit in his bed & look at books before starting his day. And he’s full of joy! 
Snacking at Urban Grinder while mama enjoyed a coffee.

Milo’s first 5k – we didn’t exactly finish the race… It was a really cold & windy day. 

Watching the world go by…

Bath time

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