Cleveland/Chicago Road Trip Part 2

From Cleveland we drove on to Chicago to visit Aunt Julie, Uncle Dennis and Samantha & Taylor. Milo was a great traveler once again. 
We arrived at the end of the school day and were able to meet Taylor at her school. Milo took right to her! 

On Wednesday, March 9 people had to work or go to school so Mike, Milo & I set out to explore Chicago. We once again took advantage of the museum pass Mike’s parents gave us and went to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Perfect size for Milo. 

We all loved the butterfly room.

Milo found the perfect hiding spot under a display about what happens under a city. 

And we found a great area for kids under 6 that had lots of fun places to explore. This was the snake pit!

After the museum we decided to walk across the way to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Milo was really tired but he came along for the ride! 

Back at Julie & Dennis’ place Milo discovered the water bottle cupboard! 

Mike, Taylor & I walked to Lickity Split after dinner for a sweet treat. Julie & Sam stayed with sleeping Milo. 

As we were leaving Mike spotted Avery Soda! We couldn’t believe it! 

Milo kept busy around the house on Thursday…

He charmed my friend, Lori Rader Day at lunch and at the park after lunch.

And Friday morning he was back at it with the water bottles! 

Milo finally met his Uncle Dennis on this trip.

Friday Julie took the day off of work & we all went to Chinatown. We explored the new library, walked through the shops & had dim sum for lunch.

Milo’s fortune from his cookie:
Saturday our friend Rebecca gave us tickets to the Shedd Aquarium. We even got a behind the scenes tour of the Carribean exhibit! 

Milo loved getting snuggles from everyone. 

Sadly, we had to get back on the road & head home on Monday. Milo & Rascal were great travelers. We had lunch at a rest stop in the rain but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Milo was fascinated by the big rigs! 

Milo also had his first taste of ice cream, which he later threw up in the back of the car. 

We got caught in traffic from a bad accident which closed both sides of the highway. Luckily a friendly trucker suggested a way out & we took it. 

Overall, it was an excellent trip! But it’s always best to be back in your own bed! 

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