16 months

So much is happening with Milo’s development these days. He is much more observant of his environment, trying to figure out how things work. The other night in the bath he was looking up the spout figuring out where the water was coming from! He knows door handles open doors but hasn’t managed to open them yet. He has mastered walking and is very fast! Milo has taken to hiding things in the pots & pans cabinet. He has put tortilla chips, his sippy cup, his crayons & other treasures in the pots & comes back for them later! He is a huge helper – from emptying the dishwasher, to making coffee to vacuuming. Hope it lasts!

The Panthers played Denver in the Super Bowl in 2016 & Milo cheered for the Panthers.

The kid loves to play in his bed when he wakes up. He likes to toss things out & have Mike or me throw them back in. 

Like I said, he’s exploring like crazy. Found him quietly playing in the bathroom the other day.

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