Christmas in RI – Part 1

We’re having a great week in LC with the entire Carlone family. Milo took 4 steps today trying to get to Vavo! And he took 10+ steps at RISD! He’s really on the move now! 
Traveling to RI was exhausting! Milo was a champ on the plane. He crashed as soon as Nonno picked us up at the airport. 

Christmas Day could not have been any better! 


Nothing like Vavo love! 

We went for a little hike Chistmas day. Aunt Heidi took some awesome pics!

Vavo and Nonno took us to a tea at the Fall River Historical Society the day after Christmas. Milo and Mike stayed home but the rest of us enjoyed the outting.
This picture was take outside the Historical Society! Vavo, Nonno and Amy fit right in!

Best looking couple in the place!
Kid’s table


After the tea we toured the museum and learned about Krampus – the anti-Santa. There was a tree dedicated to Krampus – pretty creepy! 

More cousin time 

Sunday, December 27 we went to RISD and then lunch at Angelo’s for the meatballs & fries! 

Aunt Heidi took this gem!

Angelo’s is starting to become a tradition!
Mike joined the kid’s table! 

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