Thanksgiving 2015

With all the sadness and violence in the world this year, Mike and I are beyond grateful for our family and friends, our certainty in having a home with food on the table and the ability to access health care and education. We recognize that so many are without these things this year. We hold them in the light.

This year we traveled to Asheville, North Carolina to visit my parents and my grandma, Milo’s great grandma, who is 96 this year. It’s been magical watching the two of them interact- pure joy! 
Here are a few pictures of our travels this weekend: 

Milo rides on Gram’s walker! He loved it! 

Jeopardy after dinner 

No words needed here! ❤️

The table was set & Milo was ready! Couldn’t have been a nicer meal. 

Milo tried it all and loved it all, especially the mashed potatoes and turkey! 

Time for a little walk before pie! 

Do not mess with the thumb, Dad! 

Nap time! 

We spent Black Friday at this lovely little park giving Milo some more firsts; first climbs, first slide, first swing!

Finally, here’s a sweet little video of my grandma with Milo. She’s convinced he said, “banana” this morning. I love the love between these two – 95 year age difference!

Password is Milo1
GG Time from Meredith Carlone on Vimeo.

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