November 2017

We went to Richmond to visit Aunt Amy & Family and see In Lights. As usual, it did not disappoint.

Milo also learned to ride his bike at an awesome park! We finally had hot Moravian donuts too!


Super Milo to the rescue! He saved us from all the monsters!

Sick Day

Milo had an ear infection so he WS out of school for a day and a half. We got out of the house for a bit on the second day.


We stopped by Henry’s house for his 3rd birthday. Milo, Benjer & Henry had a blast!


Milo attended his first wedding and we went to OCH’s Art Show after- long but good day!


Milo on the drive to OCH this morning:

Milo: I want you to talk to me.

Me: ok, what should we talk about?

Milo: rocket ships.

And we proceeded to have a conversation about rocket ships & how the blast off & go into space. He told me he wanted to be an astronaut and then changed the subject.

Milo: I want to talk about something else.

Me: ok, what do you want to talk about?

Milo: Hammerhead sharks. They are my favorite. They are purple and purple is my favorite.

How does this kid know so much about sharks at 3?!

September 2017

Milo loves to tell us his a big boy. He has definite opinions these days. He loves to pretend & is sure to tell us he’s doing so! Milo plays a lot with his cars & know them better than we do! His favorites are the tow truck and the beetle. Here he is with his jeep.

Milo has started to request the big potty!

He is also a big helper around the house! Here he is making banana bread cheesecake and dusting the dining room table!


Mike, Milo and I traveled to Portugal at the end of November. It was an amazing trip! This is one attempt at a family selfie!

Starting off the trip waiting for the bus to take us to the airport from the parking lot.We borrowed this stroller from our friends and it was one of the best moves we made!

In Raleigh, Mike got us into the fancy waiting room where we tons of food and a clean bathroom!

On our first evening in Portugal we visited Sao Luis and found this little play area. Milo was very happy!

I swear this child is an old soul. He opened the chess set at the house and started setting up a game.

Perfect snuggle time with Fireman Sam on the iPad!

July 2017

Great July 4th weekend! I went to Cleveland for the U2 concert & a mini high school reunion.

This is where I grew up. 30210 Ednil Drive! 

When I came back Mike, Milo & I had some good hiking & hang out time. No fireworks yet. Milo thinks they are too loud! 

First Friday in Greensboro was spent at a new hangout place with food trucks. It was pretty fun! 

Milo liked the Jamaican food from one of the food trucks! He also enjoyed the tacos we made the other night. He doesn’t always want to try new foods but when he does, he usually likes them. 

Right now his go-to foods are peanut butter & jelly toast, fruit, especially watermelon, cheese toast and on the weekends he likes to make pancakes. 

He tells us all the time that he’s a big boy! And he really is! 

June 2017

Memorial Day Weekend we finally made it to Richmond to meet Baby London. It was s great visit! Milo did not want to go home. Mike’s parents were in town too. 

Milo also learned to skateboard! 

The following weekend we had work trucks on our street and Milo got to visit Station 48.

Plus cake with Nonno! 

Mike & I attended Wine Up, a fundraiser for OCH.

Nothing beats naked spaghetti! 

June 10-11

OCH had Family Day at Keeley Splashpark. Milo jumped right in & played hard for 2 hours straight with his friends. 

We came home for lunch & a nap before heading out to a porch-fest – music on people’s front porches! Perfect afternoon for outdoor fun! 

Finally, we celebrated our neighbor’s 50th birthday at one of our favorite places, Gibb’s Hundred. Milo was a trouper! He was exhausted at the end of the day. 


Father’s Day Weekend

We went to Topsail Island for a long weekend. Milo was fearless & loved the ocean! 

Dinner at the Regent. We watched a wedding and Milo discovered binoculars! 

Hanging at the beach

Best dinner yet was at Riverview Cafe. Mike had fried scallops and I had steamed clams & shrimp. We both had a delicious clam chowder. Milo enjoyed apple sauce and crackers. 

Ice cream!

Rain on our last day. 

Breakfast of champions; goldfish crackers, apples, peanut butter & jelly! 

June 20 – Milo climbed out of the bathtub on his own! 

He’s big on doing things for himself but still likes to be carried around. “Uppie” is something I hear often. He is into puzzles & can do them on his own, with a little help from mom & dad. Milo is really into trucks but fire trucks are a favorite. 

Milo’s best friends are Henry and Benjamin. Teague is one too. He loves daycare & Cantrell, his teacher. 


Today I asked Milo to pick up a blueberry that had fallen on the floor. He looked at me and said, “I can’t. I’m too busy today.” Rough life! 

School pictures were this week. Milo is getting so big! He tells me he’s, “not a little boy. I’m a BIG boy!”

Milo still loves being outside and going to the playground. When it’s time to go in I give him a 2 minute warning & he says, “Otay Mommy!”​​

He also is a big help around the house. This weekend it was all about the vacuum!

​To top the weekend off we played with bubbles, went grocery shopping & got donuts! 

Helping with the cooking too.


Spring has arrived and we all feel great being outside! 

Milo started swim lessons at the Y.

We stopped for a snack & to watch a train after the swimming.

Of course, spring also means baseball! Go Hoppers!

Easter in Asheville, along with an early celebration of Mom & Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary. 


Milo picked out the plants and we potted them together! His favorite response these days? “Otay!” And, “I help you, mama.” 

We were able to enjoy the spring weather with dinner on the M’Coul’s patio. Yum!

Mike started teaching Milo a little baseball. 

And finally, we love OCH so much for all the cool thing they do with the kids! It’s awesome! 

Milo had also discovered his elephant. We introduced it as a step toward moving away  from the thumb.